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Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturers In India

Top third party pharma manufacturers in India:- Sunwin Healthcare is one of the most successful Third party pharma manufacturers in India and we are proud to say that our expertise in this industry has enabled us to achieve new heights of success and have secured a leading position in the list of Top third party pharma manufacturers in India. Our manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art and outfitted with high-tech machinery and the most up-to-date technical equipment, which enables us to improve the overall quality of the products we produce while also increasing our overall output.

Our company staff is dedicated to doing their very best work in order to provide our business partners with high-quality pharma products. The team in charge of research and development as well as manufacturing has years of experience, and they are constantly coming up with new product ideas to assist our business partners in increasing their revenue by diversifying the products they offer.

Exceptional Manufacturing Service Provided by one of the Top third party pharma manufacturers

Sunwin Healthcare places a significant amount of emphasis, not only on the quality of our products but also on offering great customer service. When it comes to satisfying our customers and giving them services that are genuine and honest, we have spared no effort and spared no stone in our endeavors. We are confident that we will be able to develop long-lasting connections with our clients if we consistently provide them with fair and honest business practices and products. In addition, after our clients enjoyed the initial service that we provide for third party manufacturing, they recommend us to other potential clients. In the long run, it assists Sunwin Healthcare in growing the number of customers that work with us and broadening the scope of our professional network. Take a look at the following characteristics that we guarantee as one of the best Third party pharma manufacturers in India:

  • Deliveries always on time

The timely delivery of products is a major concern for those working in the pharmaceutical industry. Everything hinges on the quality of the company’s logistics service; if they consistently fulfill orders on time, it demonstrates that they have excellent logistics services. On the other hand, as one of the Top third party pharma manufacturers in India, Sunwin Healthcare never fails to make the products available on time, which enables our customers to fulfill the need of the market exactly when it is necessary to do so.

  • Affordable Deals

Our research has shown that certain pharma professionals require products that are of high quality but are unfortunately sold at competitive prices. There is absolutely no problem with this; Sunwin Healthcare, one of the leading Third party pharma manufacturers in India is aware that the majority of our clients come to us in order to launch their own companies, and we see this as perfectly normal. Thus, some clients do not have the financial resources necessary to negotiate pricy production contracts, this problem is easily catered to by hiring a third-party manufacturer. Being one of the Top third party pharma manufacturers in India, Sunwin Healthcare offers specialized manufacturing services at competitive rates, which gives the client some financial incentive to work with us.

  • 24*7 Support service

Our clients can get in touch with our customer care service if they have any questions or if they aren’t familiar with any of our products or services. This service is purely geared toward assisting our end users. The majority of individuals who, at any given time, require our aid are provided assistance. Customers get immediate access to customer care representatives for assistance with queries or problems regarding the manufacturing, products, or pricing of our third-party manufacturing services.

  • Inventory is Maintained

It is essential for Top third party pharma manufacturers in India to be able to meet the demands of their consumers within a reasonable amount of time. However, as we have seen, the majority of pharma franchise businesses and their suppliers go through challenging periods whenever they have an immediate demand for supplies or a shortage of stock. Nevertheless, a leading manufacturer among the list of Top third party pharma manufacturers in India, Sunwin Healthcare never lose sight of our consumers, and as soon as they sign a contract with us, we become aware of their requirements. Because of this, we make sure that our warehouse is stocked with the products that our clients want so that they do not have to wait for us to manufacture them.

Strict Quality Control and Assurance Procedures followed at Sunwin Healthcare

Since we are one of the most well-respected Third party pharma manufacturers in India, we take extra precautions to ensure that the product’s quality is not compromised in any way. All of the items have been given certification from ISO and GMP, which guarantees that the pharmaceuticals will not be harmful in any way. The effectiveness, purity, pH value, side effects, and composition of the items are among the many quality parameters that are monitored by the team of trained professionals who are in charge of quality control. In every way that is open to us, we will do everything in our power to ensure that the things that we put out into the world are of the highest possible quality. As a result, we have the honor of holding a position among the most prestigious major Third party pharma manufacturers in India.

Why choose Sunwin Healthcare for Third party manufacturing?

  • The ISO accreditation is adhered to throughout the entirety of the production process at Sunwin Healthcare, one of the Top third party pharma manufacturers in India.
  • In order to guarantee the high quality of the medications we formulated, we made sure to only obtain our raw materials from reputable and accredited vendors.
  • All departments within our company operate in accordance with the standards that have been established by GMP and ISO.
  • The availability of all of the cutting-edge and high-tech equipment in the research facilities.
  • In order to preserve the high quality of our products, they are kept in temperature-controlled storage areas.
  • There is a separate team that works on damaged components to ensure that the delivery is not delayed in any way.
  • Our entire storage unit is indeed airlock, which helps to decrease the amount of air contamination.
  • Being one of the fastest-growing Third party pharma manufacturers in India, Sunwin Healthcare put a significant amount of resources into differentiating itself from the competition across a wide range of areas, including product development and quality assurance, as well as fulfillment and distribution.

6 Steps to collaborate with Sunwin Healthcare for Third party manufacturing


The first thing that needs to be done by our clients is to select the type of products that they want us to make for them. Please determine the exact quantity and let us know your decision. Due to the critical nature of this process, you should select your products with extreme care and check the order quantity at least twice.


Make your selections for the product’s material, design, outline, and labeling. After you have made your decision, please provide us a description of what you would like to have mentioned on the products. We ensure our clients that we will offer them completely airtight and aesthetically pleasing packaging.


After we have had a discussion about the price and chosen which products to manufacture, we will generate estimates depending on the products that you have chosen. The quotation contains all of the financial information about the transaction, such as the payment that the customer will make when placing the purchase order as well as the post-payment that is required to be made afterward.


When acquiring manufacturing from a third party, certain documentation is often required. Please provide the required documents that are essential for the agreement to function legally. Documents such as a PAN card, a drug license, and a few more are to be submitted.


Following the successful completion of all specifications, we will commence the manufacturing activities, which, depending on the quantity, could take anywhere from two weeks to three weeks or even longer.


After the manufacturing process, which includes packaging, is over, the logistics staff of our company gets the products ready for shipping and sends them off to their final destination while complying with several stringent safety regulations. There is a possibility that the logistics team will take one week; however, considering the distance, this time period may be shortened.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1- What is a third-party manufacturer, and how do they differ from in-house manufacturing?

A third-party manufacturer is a company that produces products on behalf of another company. In-house manufacturing, on the other hand, refers to the production of products within the company’s own facility. Third-party manufacturing is often used when a company does not have the resources or expertise to manufacture a product themselves.

Q.2- What kind of products can Sunwin healthcare produce through third-party manufacturing?

Sunwin healthcare can produce a wide range of products through third-party manufacturing, including dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies. We can also manufacture products in various forms, such as tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, and gummies.

Q.3- How does Sunwin healthcare ensure quality control during third-party manufacturing?

Sunwin healthcare follows strict quality control processes during third-party manufacturing to ensure that all products meet or exceed industry standards. We partner with reputable manufacturers who comply with GMP guidelines, and we conduct regular inspections and audits of their facilities to ensure quality control.

Q.4- Can Sunwin healthcare help with product formulation and development?

Yes, Sunwin healthcare offers formulation and development services to clients who require assistance in creating custom products.

Q.5- What is the minimum order quantity for third-party manufacturing with Sunwin healthcare?

The minimum order quantity for third-party manufacturing with Sunwin healthcare depends on the type of product and the manufacturing process involved. Please contact us for more information about minimum order quantities.

Q.6- How long does the third-party manufacturing process take?

The third-party manufacturing process can vary depending on the product, manufacturing process, and order quantity. However, Sunwin healthcare strives to ensure timely delivery of all products and can provide estimated timelines based on the specific project requirements.

Q.7- Does Sunwin healthcare offer private labeling services for third-party manufactured products?

Yes, Sunwin healthcare offers private labeling services for third-party manufactured products. We can create custom labels and packaging to meet your branding needs and ensure that your products stand out in the market.

Q.8- Can Sunwin healthcare help with product registration and compliance?

Yes, Sunwin healthcare can assist with product registration and compliance, including regulatory compliance for various regions and countries. We stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and can provide guidance to ensure that your products meet all necessary requirements.

Q.9- Is there a warranty or guarantee for third-party manufactured products?

Yes, Sunwin healthcare offers a warranty or guarantee for third-party manufactured products. We stand behind the quality of our products and will work with you to address any concerns or issues that may arise.

Q.10- How does Sunwin healthcare ensure confidentiality and protect proprietary information during third-party manufacturing?

Sunwin Healthcare takes confidentiality and the protection of proprietary information very seriously. We have strict policies and procedures in place to ensure that all information is kept confidential and secure, and we require all partners and employees to sign confidentiality agreements.

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