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Pharma Franchise for Nutraceuticals Products

Pharma Franchise for Nutraceuticals Products- Sunwin Healthcare is one of the best and reputed Pharma Franchise Company in India. Our company is certified by ISO 9001:2008 with GMP and WHO-certified units and plants. We specialize in a wide range of nutraceuticals formulations. All the products have been manufactured from superior quality material and latest packaging technology has been embraced. We are offering PCD and pharma franchise for nutraceuticals products range / Medicines/ Drugs & in all the parts of India.

A Chandigarh-based Pharma Franchise Company; Sunwin Healthcare has been serving humankind with genuine yet qualitative pharma products. Our company follows strict quality control measurements to give you pure formulations. Are you in search for quality nutraceuticals products? Our company invites dedicated and spirited individuals and associations of individuals to be a part of pharma franchise for nutraceuticals products range / Medicines/ Drugs. We are covering all the states of India especially the uncovered areas, major cities to districts.  All the products are certified by highest institutions like FSSAI, DCGI, and FDA.

Our company specializes in many other pharma services like PCD pharma franchise, pharma franchise as well as pharma manufacturing of a variety of nutraceuticals products. You can call us at +91-9569330007 or email us at to get more information on the nutraceuticals to range that our company provides to the franchise members.

Pharma Franchise for Nutraceuticals

Quality Range Of Nutraceuticals Products At Sunwin Healthcare

Nutraceutical is a blend of two words “nutrition” & “pharmaceuticals”. The products of nutraceuticals are made from food sources and are a part of preventive healthcare. They are regulated by Food & Drug Administration (FDA) which aims at benefiting health in multiple ways. Sunwin Healthcare is widely known for formulating best quality nutraceuticals formulations. We are offering quality range of nutraceuticals products for PCD business and pharma franchise in all the states of India.

Here is the variety of nutraceuticals formulations that our company provides to all its franchise clients:

  1. Ayurvedic & Herbal Nutraceutical products
  2. Food Veterinary Nutraceutical Healthcare products
  3. Lipid Care Nutraceutical products
  4. Multi-vitamin supplements & syrups
  5. Neuro Care Nutraceutical products
  6. Nutraceuticals-Dietary supplements
  7. Nutraceuticals Supplements which includes tablets, powder, capsules, drops, syrups & sachets,
  8. Vitamin or Mineral supplements
  9. Much more

The formulation has been made by authentic raw material and ingredients which have been derived from trustable vendors of this society. You can invest in the pharma franchise for nutraceuticals products. The products are available under Over The Counter (OTC) as well as prescribed format. For more information regarding the availability of any nutraceuticals product range or specific products, you can call us +91-9569330007 or email us at

What Are The Benefits Of Owning Franchise Business In Nutraceutical Products?

The demand for nutraceuticals products has raised over the decade. The pharmaceutical industry has been a great support for the wide popularity that nutraceuticals formulations provide. What are the benefits of owning pharma franchise for nutraceuticals products? Here are some related facts on nutraceuticals demand and its growth:

  • Demand Of nutraceuticals supplements and functional food formulations is said to witness a rise of 20% rise i.e. reach 6.1 billion by 2020.
  • Urban India has a deeper penetration of 22.5% of nutraceutical products. Thus, franchise owners in urban areas are going to benefit more out of this business deal.

Monopoly rights over pharma franchise are the greatest benefit to all the clients of pharma franchise. The genuine business planning with reasonable investment requirement makes this business the best in the industry. With the rise in consumers of nutraceuticals supplements, powders, tablets, capsules, syrups all over India, you can actually earn great profits in near future.

Why Choose Sunwin Healthcare to take franchise of Nutraceutical Products

Are you looking for a perfect business deal? Want genuine and reasonable pharma franchise in India? Sunwin Healthcare is a reputed Pharma Franchise Company who provides the best of pharma formulations. We are a quality-oriented company who believes in hard work and dedication unaltered with our principles of great quality. There are many Pharma Companies in India but why choose Sunwin Healthcare? Here are the benefits of being our franchise member:

  • Food & Drug Administration (FDA) certified products.
  • Monopoly rights are given to the clients.
  • Promotional and marketing support is provided.
  • Regular medical updates.
  • Professional support.
  • Quick delivery time.
  • Genuine investment.

How many categories have Sunwin Healthcare?

Sunwin Healthcare Private Limited has done its work in every category of pharma. With which you will get more help to grow your business.

  1. Pharma Franchise for Analgesic Painkiller
  2. Pharma Franchise for Antibiotics
  3. Pharma Franchise for Ayurvedics
  4. Pharma Franchise for Cosmetics
  5. Pharma Franchise for Critical Care
  6. Pharma Franchise for Derma
  7. Pharma Franchise for Eyecare
  8. Pharma Franchise for Gynaecology
  9. Pharma Franchise for Injectables
  10. Pharma Franchise for Pediatric
  11. Pharma Franchise for Orthopedic

Contact Information

Name – Sunwin Healthcare Private Limited
Address – Plot 397 – Industrial area Phase-1 Panchkula, Haryana 134113
Phone – +91-9569330007
Email –
Connect on WhatsApp – +91-9569330007


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