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Pharma Franchise Company in General Range:  Sunwin Healthcare is one of India’s leading PCD Pharma Franchise in General Range that aims to improve people’s lives and promote a healthy nation. Our company was established in 2012, following ethical norms and guidelines to cure the world with our quality healthcare products. We provide WHO-GMP (best) grade generic medicines in Gynocare Dermacare, critical care range and so on.

With several years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Sunwin Healthcare believes in offering the best quality medications to improve everyone’s lives worldwide. We believe everyone should have access to high-quality medicines, whether used to treat gynecological conditions, problems with infertility, skin infections, or to enhance general health.

If you think about which business to rely on, you should consider the Pharma franchise business. As in today’s era, most people have some health issues, be diabetes or B.P. Patient or several diseases related to some infections, and many more, and this list will go on and so on. As everyone requires medicines, there is no way that the health sector will face intense competition. Pharma franchise for general range companies will be in demand forever.

Best Pharma franchise for General Range | Sunwin Healthcare

Sunwin Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company focused on quality, and it is devoted to offering dependable, secure, and high-quality medicines at a reasonable price. The full line of pharmaceutical products is created utilizing cutting-edge technologies and premium raw ingredients. Each product is put through rigorous testing utilizing established and authorized test methodologies, by the approved manufacturing methods.

Our product line consistently exceeds the requirements of our clients and customers in terms of formulation quality, packaging, and delivery timelines. Our cutting-edge manufacturing plant allows us to create a variety of high-quality pharmaceuticals and medications. We never compromise on the quality of our product.

Let us know more about the PCD Pharma Franchise business model briefly….

What is the PCD pharma franchise?
The term PCD stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution. Mainly PCD Pharma franchise is a marketing company. In the PCD model, the businessperson who buys the franchise has all monopoly rights. They frequently engage with medical professionals, distributors, or doctors to advertise the company’s products.
If someone has less capital to invest, opting for a PCD pharma franchise is one of the best decisions, as it requires less investment.
Someone who wants to launch a business in this industry must invest a small amount of capital. Additionally, only the pharmaceutical company will cover marketing and advertising costs.

Are you looking to take a Pharma franchise from India’s best Pharma Franchise Company? If your answer is “yes,” you’re on the right platform.

Pharma Franchise Company in General Range

Why choose Sunwin Healthcare for PCD pharma in General Range?

Our Quality Products for PCD Pharma in General Range

As one of India’s leading Pharma Franchise Company in General Range, we believe in providing the best and superior quality medications. We aim to heal the world with utmost care through the best medicines. We ensure the best quality products at affordable prices that give the best results. We design all our products through proper R&D research, with effective formulations handled with utmost care to provide the world with the gift of health because health is the real wealth.

Our beliefs and hard work make us India’s most trustworthy PCD pharma franchise company.
We deal in various medications that help cure patients’ health and give them care- free and happy life. We thoroughly test our items before delivery to make sure that they meet the quality requirements as advised by the industry. All the medications are government approved and certified. It includes Gynocare, Dermacare, Eye care, Critical care, Pediatric, Nutraceutical, Analgesic pain killer, orthopedic, cosmetics and antibiotic range.


The qualifications needed to operate a PCD Pharma franchise differ from business to business. The minimum requirement is a 12th-grade education; graduates with prior pharmaceutical industry experience are also eligible to apply.
If you want to start your own PCD Pharma Franchise Company, you will need a drug license and GST no. or wholesale medication license no. For further trading and marketing of the products.

Now that you have decided to enter into the pharmaceutical sector, but are confused about which niche to start your career with, then you must opt for establishing a pharmaceutical franchise as this is the most lucrative option for you as it gives ample opportunities for higher career growth with not much amount of investment required. While if you opt for opening a medical store, it may need a small investment than the PCD Pharma Franchise In General Range.

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