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Derma PCD Franchise In India

Derma PCD Franchise In India

Since the company was started way back in 2012, Derma pcd franchise in India,has transformed the pharmaceutical industry by providing quality products to its customers in the most seamless way possible.


A company based in Chandigarh, it both manufactures and franchises pharmaceutical products all over India. They are a customer-concentric business that actively embraces collaboration with its partners to meet all the needs of its customers.

It has an annual turnover of nearly 15 crore rupees. They provide customized packaging and shipment via road. They accept all the major payment modes, including cash, cheque, DD, online, and bank transfer. They possess three general divisions and two specialized divisions. With products ranging from Ayurveda to cosmetics, the company is designed to satisfy all customer needs.

PCD Pharma Franchise Monopoly Basis


With world-class manufacturing capabilities, the company is designed to foster innovation and provide quality products to its customers. They possess the ability to perform chemical synthesis, process optimization, development, and simulations of their offerings. Having a team of experienced researchers, the guarantee of the best products is confirmed. It doesn’t matter whether the drug is generic or branded; the customers will be satisfied with the product.


Delivery – The company ensures that the consignment is delivered quickly. It also ensures that with this speed, the quality of the products is not affected and customers are delivered a safe product.

Employees & Associates – By employing experienced professionals and researchers, the company ensures that it hires the best talent possible. Associates who partner with the company get access to vast amounts of market data and tools to help in the promotion of their business. Sunwin Healthcare ensures that all associates partnered with them get access to the best opportunities available and that they can make a good profit.

Infrastructure – Huge investments have been made to ensure the company possesses cutting-edge infrastructure. They not only invested in their R&D section but have also focused on being capable of producing products related to varied areas, including pediatrics, injectables, nutraceuticals, and products for women.

Clients – Clients are provided with quick and timely assistance to all their problems. They are assured of quality products and are offered professional service. Clients are offered monopoly rights to the products that they are marketing. The company believes in self-ownership and ensuring clients get a good return on investment. They provide clients with dossiers to help them understand the regulatory process, as they believe clients have to be informed.

Products – The company has a large production capacity and an extensive product line. Customers are guaranteed access to all their requirements, including the provision of customized solutions for those who need them.

Distributors – Most of the shipment is made via road. They have a broad distribution network that covers both international and domestic markets.

Cost – With the huge investments in research and innovation, the company has ensured that the costs of the product are as low as possible. The objective of the company is to ensure that its products are readily accessible to all sections of society.

If you are interested in Sunwin Healthcare, you can visit their website to find out more. They have listed their contact details and have mentioned all the products that they sell currently.

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